Empowering Industries with Reliable Weighing Systems

Driving Efficiency and Accuracy Across Industries with Dependable Weighing Systems.

About Us

Discover the Power of Load Link Technologies.

Load Link Technologies in 2023, a nascent firm with ‘customer focus’ as its heartbeat, has hustled our way through the competitive industry of Weighing systems.  We operate production unit based at the vicinity of Chennai and Coimbatore.  We manufacture, supply, trade, retail, distribute weighing systems and provide one of the best customer services in the field.  We cater various sectors namely Railway, Automobile, Power, Cement, Steel and Chemical with an intricate approach of finding and understanding our customer needs to all.

Unveiling Advanced Weighing Systems

Revolutionizing measurement precision with our state-of-the-art advanced weighing systems for a smarter world.

Our Products

Load Link Technologies Innovative Load Monitoring Products.

Truck Weighing

Standard/Portable/Axle Weighers.

Process Weighing

Belt Scale, weigh Feeders, Solid impact flow meters, Coriolis / Rotor feeders, loss in

Onboard Weighing

Wheel Loader and Excavator Scales.